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About Us

Lalasklal Smart ShoppyPvt. Ltd. is a company which is implementing a chain of General Store and it is started in Feb'2018 with the idea of selling quality Groceries and FMCG products. I have experienced in my life that the most important thing or work in the life of a person is the daily expenses. If a person earns, then he spends, and according to his earnings, he makes the large list.
Everybody wants !

  • Balanced diet
  • Good Home
  • Good Dressed up
  • Best Education to the children
  • Cooperation in social work
  • family Car
  • Tour of the country
  • Pilgrimage
  • Travel abroad
  • Donate
  • Support People

But when he looks at his earns, the whole things look like a dream. He can only save 10% of his earnings by which he wants to fulfil all his dreams.Now I have seen that any person's income can be Zero(0) any time, but his expenditure remains so.Then how does he fulfil his expenditures, by spending savings money, or by taking loans. The conclusion is that if you earn income, you spend it,Save then spend, you borrow to spend. Then I thought that why not socialism should be arranged in such a way that the fundamental reason for the "expenditure" should be made amicable and so LALASKLAL SMART SHOPPY (OPC) PVT. LTD. Has created.Now there can be a thing in your mind that why did not I build a co-operative society, then my answer is that I am not in the support of tax deprive to the country and the government because without tax there is no growth of any country. You have earned so you should pay the tax to the govt

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